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Pandit OmShukla ShastriJi  Phone Number (201) 887-2725. Are you looking for Vedic Pandit A Hindu Life-Cycle Celebrant for all special occasions in your journey of spiritual life. We are here to celebrate together,  Vedic Purohit PanditJi here to help you select and incorporate a religious Puja ceremony Divine Pooja ritual into your spiritual life celebration event. Whatever the occasion.  Your Life Events Ceremonies for every moment of Blissful life  the truly important occasions like blessings a House, Weddings, Naming Ceremonies,  All Vedic sacraments are known as samskaras, a collection of the most significant events in the lifecycle, Samskaras are meant for purification, sanctify one’s life and give a spiritual touch to the important events in his life,  will help you create a personalised Life Cycle Puja ceremony,  please  Select the religious service you want to perform, select the place, date and time and let us arrange the event

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